Q  How do I know the quality of the stone I choose?

A  We only use a select few established and well respected companies for the supply of our stone.  We do not use cheap inferior granites which can be porous and liable to stain.   Our well trained staff can advise on the various types and colours of stone available.

Q  How will I know my memorial will be fitted to last?

A  We take great pride in how an ‘Eden Memorial’ is fitted and give a 10 year guarantee on all our workmanship.  Our staff  are qualified to NVQ level and our memorials are fixed to and above the level and standard set out in the code of working practice of NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons). Please check in local cemeteries to compare the standard of an ‘EDEN’ memorial to that of other memorial masons.

Q  Are Eden Memorials members of BRAMM

A  Yes we are.  BRAMM (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) serves the memorial industry by promoting higher standards of memorial construction through education and qualifications.  To be accredited, we are required to gain fixer licence qualifications and have all relevant business insurance in place. We can be seen on the BRAMM registered mason list on the official BRAAM website www.bramm-uk.org

Q  Will I receive the best help and advice available?

A  Our friendly and well trained staff realise how difficult this process can be and will offer as much help and guidance without any pressure or obligation at all.  We will also advise on the fees and regulations outlined by different Local authorities.

Q  How involved will I be in the process?

A  We encourage our families to have as much involvement in the process as they feel comfortable with.  From the choice of the stone, colour, lettering or type of design, we welcome your input to produce a memorial which is both personal and unique.

Q  Can you guarantee quality craftsmanship?

A  We are time served memorial masons with over 25 years experience in the trade.  We are a small team who are proud of the reputation we have gained for the quality of our workmanship and repeatedly receive lots of positive message of thanks for our work.  Our workshop is on site and we would welcome our customers to come in and see how our craftsmen produce our memorials.

Q  What if our memorial is vandalised or damaged whilst in the cemetery?

A  We are agents for Stone Guard Insurance and can arrange full and comprehensive cover for memorials if required.

Q  How do I know which is the right memorial company to choose ?

A  We would strongly recommend comparing memorials in local cemeteries. Quality of stone, layout and style of lettering, detail of sandblast designs and the standard of fixing are all things you should look at. Please look out for memorials which are leaning or sinking which have been fixed within the last few years, noting the name of the firm responsible which will often be engraved into the base. A visit to the mason would also be recommended, talking to the staff, asking about background in the trade, qualifications and just to get a feel for the company. The introduction of modern computerised techniques has allowed individuals to operate as ‘memorial masons’ without having any background or professional training, often working from a home address or a company with various trade names. Purchasing a memorial is a very important process and should only be carried out by qualified professional craftsmen.

Q  Do you have all the memorials in  stock ?

A  Our suppliers keep a large amount of memorials in stock which we can have delivered within weeks. Please note some kerb sets and certain memorials may have to be imported and this can take up to 10 weeks.

Q  How long will it take before a memorial can be erected after the burial ?

A  Different factors come into account, the size of memorial, if it has a kerb set, the ground/soil conditions etc. Generally speaking it usually takes about 12 months for a grave to be settled enough, although sometimes this can be less. We would never fit a foundation for a memorial on ground which was not settled as this would almost certainly lead to stability problems in future. We carry out ground stability checks from about 10 months and advise the family of timescales for fixing.

Please note. On certain occasions it has taken more than 12 months for a grave to settle. We would strongly recommend you try to be patient and go with our advice. We understand the importance of having a memorial on the grave but we would rather fit a memorial which was secure for years to come than rush the process and leave you with the future problems this would incur. Local cemeteries have many examples of leaning memorials which have been fitted by memorial masons too soon after an internment.