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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do we have to wait before erecting our memorials

A: As a general rule, it takes approximately 12 months for ground to settle after a full burial, a memorial can be erected just a few weeks after an internment of ashes.


Q: How long should we wait before ordering our memorial?

A: Some memorials  and kerb sets can take up to 12 weeks to be delivered to ourselves, we would recommend you start initial enquiries after 6/7 months.


Q: How soon can you supply a memorial if the ground is already settled? 

A: We do keep some memorials in stock, whilst our suppliers also have a large selection in stock in this country. Please note, some memorials and kerbsets will need to be imported and this may take up to 12 weeks.


Q: How do we know our memorial won’t fall over in future? 

A: We take great pride in how an ‘Eden’ memorial is fitted. Our fixing staff have years of experience and are all qualified to NVQ level, our memorials are fitted to and beyond the standards set out in the code of working practice of NAMM ( National association of memorial Masons) Every memorial we fit has stainless steel fixing dowels and an accredited ground safety anchor fitted as standard. We carry out follow up inspections one month after fitting to check all pointed joints etc. Please check the finish of our memorials in local cemeteries to compare the attention to detail from other masons work.


Q: How do I know the quality of your materials? 

A: We use only a small selection of established granite and stone suppliers, who we have gained a lasting and trusted relationship with over the years. We use only the finest granites from around the world and will never supply cheap, inferior stone which can be porous and likely to stain over time. Our black granite is premium Khaman granite which is the densest quality black and is only available from one Indian quarry.


Q: Can you guarantee real craftsmanship? 

A: Between our team we have over 45 years combined experience within the memorial trade. We are hugely proud of the reputation we have gained for the quality of the memorials we produce. Modern technology has allowed a growing number of

individuals to trade as Memorial masons without having any background or training. We would strongly recommend a visit to a mason

prior to ordering a stone, asking about background in the trade, experience etc and just to get a feel for the company. We know how much a memorial means to a family and truly believe work of this kind should only be carried out by qualified, professional craftsmen.


Q: What if we have any future problems due to poor workmanship? 

A: We are so confident in the quality of our work we will give a lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship for every memorial we fit.


Q: What if our memorial is vandalised or damaged by weather etc. 

A: We are agents for Stoneguard insurance. We have worked with this company for many years and would highly recommend the very

competitive rates they offer to give full protection of your memorial.

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