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Lettering or choice of lettering is one aspect of the memorial trade which has seen huge changes over recent years. At one time

It was a case of ‘get what you’re given’ as far as lettering was concerned. With the introduction of modern software systems

For memorial design there is now an almost unlimited choice of typefaces and designs to choose from.


We believe in giving our families not only the choice of lettering style they may prefer but also the style which we believe

Will best suit the choice of memorial. Often lighter coloured granites will best suit a bolder typeface whereas black or dark

Grey stone will be complimented by lighter Roman based fonts.


Colour of lettering is also something which can be influenced by the choice of memorial. We can advise on the most suitable

Finish for your lettering, based on factors including the position of the memorial (ie if under trees etc), type of granite or stone

 and the colour chosen. We use only selected suppliers who specialise in memorial products and we give a

guarantee on all of our lettering.


Our staff can offer all the professional guidance you may need to help with your choice, we can then produce scaled

Computerised printouts giving you the opportunity to visualise the finished memorial prior to commencing any work.


We all share the same belief that a memorial is being produced for a family, not for ourselves, and we will offer all

The knowledge we can to help you choose the lettering and layout which will best compliment your choice of stone.

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